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   Years of Distilling   

Luxembourg is located in the heart of Europe, nestled between Belgium, France and Germany. With its own ancient history of medieval knights, dukedoms and events, it has also  absorbed a very unique blend of the neighbouring European cultures. This multicultural mix has been reflected in the ancient traditions of our company and the Mansfeld Heritage. Our craft, methods of distilling and superior ingredients are echoed in the traditional and innovative spirits we produce today.

In the heart of Luxembourg is an ancient Clausen Valley. For centuries it was a castle residence of the Knight of the Golden Fleece, Renaissance Prince and the Governor of Luxembourg, Pierre-Ernest de Mansfeld.  A renown bon-vivant and a hedonist he dedicated his life to art in all its forms. Conquesting, partying and generally enjoying his aristocratic life in Luxembourg and the neighbouring royal courts.

Today, in these ancient walls Mansfeld is still present in spirit. 

We decided to create a beautiful collection of masterfully blended and distilled spirits that are as blue-blooded as the grounds they are made on.  We created a rich world filled with noble ingredients that are infused in our spirits.  And if you have a glass of any of our gins, vodka or our rum, you can be certain it will infuse your spirit too.

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