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Pierre-Ernest de Mansfeld (1517-1604), Gouverneur de Luxembourg, Prince de la Renaissance, Chevalier de la Toison d’Or, hédoniste reconnu, a mené avec éclat une vie dédiée à la conquête, à la diplomatie et à l’art sous toutes les formes .

Son existence multiculturelle nous a inspiré la création de spiritueux 100% luxembourgeois de qualité supérieure. L’utilisation d’ingrédients nobles et notre quête de l’excellence en font un gin d’exception. En épicurien convaincu, Pierre-Ernest de Mansfeld s’y serait associé.


Pierre-Ernest de Mansfeld (1517-1604), Governor of Luxembourg, Renaissance Prince, Knight of the Golden Fleece and renowned hedonist, led an eventful life dedicated to conquest, diplomacy and art in all its form.

His multicultural lifestyle inspired us to create these spirits of exceptional quality, 100% Luxemburgish. The use of noble ingredients and our pursuit of excellence make it an exceptional beverage. As a confirmed epicurean, Pierre-Ernest de Mansfeld would have loved it.

Dry Gin 0,7

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  • Our distillery created this Dry Gin as our first Gin with 23 spices and herbs.  It has a unique botanical tone that makes it stand out from other Gins.  It is a classic Gin that has a place in any home or a bar that wants to serve excellence.  We already created a few Gin cocktail recipes in collaboration with local and international mixologist.  Head to our blog page for more ideas on unique cocktails.

  • We ship to select countries with UPS. Maximum weight is 10kg or 6 bottles. 

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